I have created this extremely raw and real space to share the knowledge and experience I've gathered through a life of depression and anxiety, self hatred and sabotage. Now I speak candidly about the journey towards accepting who I am in every aspect, even the dark emotions and how one thought changed my entire outlook on life and lead me down the path of self healing, acceptance and love.

All it took was a small shift in perception and a little faith in myself. Something all of us can do in a few simple steps, all we need are the tools to take the first stride which is why I have dedicated myself to improving the lives of others and now offering a range of services:

I strongly believe that there is a lot of lack in this world when it comes to connecting with one another (which subsequently leads to feelings of loneliness and disconnect) and in order for us to bridge that gap we must first be willing to reveal our own vulnerabilities - as you will see through my own candid approach and openness, vulnerability is a strength within itself.

That being said this is a portal into my life in every area. May my words soothe you, make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts (as life is too short to take things too seriously) and fill you with happiness, hope and inspiration. So here it is, my whole heart, stripped bare and eagerly awaiting to meet yours.




*I do not claim to be a medical professional or give any such advice. If you are in danger of self harm, in need of medical attention or are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety or any other mental health challenges please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or if you are outside of Australia please contact your local crisis hotline. Be gentle with yourself, this too shall pass...