Who is shaneosaurus?


You could call her my alter ego. I like to think of her as the phoenix inside me. The powerful, fierce and fiery woman who has fought for me through all the tough times and close calls, tirelessly protecting me. No matter how many little deaths I feel within or experience I still rise because of her strength. She is my truth and the flame that burns within me, igniting my soul and lighting the path for me to find the way back to my authentic self. The one who was always in me screaming to be let out; the potential I always knew I had.

Shaneosaurus is a play on words that reminds me to keep life light hearted and stay true to being me, quirks, craziness and all. If you wanted to read about rainbows and cupcakes then you are on the wrong page. This blog is real, honest and extremely candid about my journey through a life of depression and anxiety and how I came out the other end of the sh*t storm a bigger, better and brighter person. The intention of my writings are to empower people, educate how to deal with emotions, raise awareness on mental health challenges and prove to people that they aren’t alone. I believe that by putting myself out there for the world to see, flaws and all, I will make a difference and if any of the posts in this blog reach even the smallest of audiences then all of it is worth it.

I started to make changes in my life a few years back, one of those was to be open and honest about the pain I've been through by reaching out over social media and voicing my emotions and feelings and I was so overwhelmed by the positive reaction I received. I have had so much support and love from family and friends. Even people on social media that I hardly know, if at all were contacting me telling me they too had had lows or have a connection to someone with mental health challenges. It only felt natural to start this blog in order to try and reach out on a bigger scale and give back some love and support from someone who has been there and gone through it.

To think it was only some years back that I was taking around 6-8 pills a day to cope with life astounds me. I am a depression fighter, I do not believe that one suffers from depression, merely endures (and if I have any say in it overcomes it too). Suffering from depression makes it sound like you have a disease and that perception is what I intend to change in society. After reading Dr Kelly Brogan’s book, “A Mind of Your Own” and doing my own research into mental health from a holistic approach my entire perception changed. I now believe depression and anxiety to be symptoms rather than labels, that we can relieve ourselves with the right approach, care and support. That being said I do not shun pharmaceuticals or Western Medicine, I just believe that there needs to be a better system in place to support anyone facing these symptoms rather than condemning them to a life of cramming drugs down their throats and promising no hope.

I was told that I would be medicated until the day I died and had no hope of being a normal functioning person with the ability to handle every day life with out the intervention of pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs. After implementing lifestyle changes such as introducing a balanced and healthy diet by understanding nutrition and the role that the gut plays in mental health, practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga and other forms of exercise, as well as educating myself on personal development and emotional intelligence (EQ), today I am proud to say that I am completely medication free (since 2015) and feel alive for the first time, emerged from a life of numbness and excruciating pain.

Everything I have ever endured in my life has made me the strong, brave and fierce woman I am today and I am so bloody proud of myself. Had it not been for all the pain I would not be who I am today and even though I've felt wounds deeper than some could ever imagine I would not change a thing.

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